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Susan Junda
Dynamic Solutions
Albuquerque, NM
(505) 888-4786

The Essentials of Project Management - a two to three day program to teach people basic project management concepts and a methodology by which to create a great and valid project plan. This course is highly interactive and uses case studies to not only learn the tools, but to experience using them in the team environment. This process gains the team's involvement and commitment.

The Essentials of Project Management -- Senior Management Overview - A one to two day abbreviated version of the above course, geared to teach Senior Management about Project Management and teams, so they can better guide their people to manage the work and people using Project Management.

The Essentials of Project Leadership - a 2-3 day program to teach project managers the "next steps" in their development beyond the basic project management tools -- getting the work done through the team, managing the team's dynamics and communicating throughout the project lifecycle.

The Essentials of Project Team Membership - a two day program designed to teach people who are new to working in teams the skills they need to be an effective team member and a functional employee. Includes communication and conflict resolutions skills.

Creating and Sustaining Team Spirit - a two day team development process that gives both new and mature teams a sense of meaning and purpose, leaving them energized and inspired to deliver extraordinary service and results.

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